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URGENT WARNING -Fuel spillage at anna Maria Creek affecting the Helford River. update 16.8.22

Late on Saturday 13th a diesel spill was reported at Anna Maria Creek for one of the vessels which had been pulled up on the foreshore and was being worked on. the Environment Agency is working on this matter as the volume of spill estimated at 10 litres. (this is a significant amount!!)

This update comes from Sue Scott, the Estuary Officer: Some of this is paraphrased from a brief report from the EA. The boat owner is cleaning up the boat and will remove the tanks and fittings.

All of Port Navas creek is contaminated and expect traces of diesel in the main Helford Estuary for several weeks. (out on the boat yesterday there was the odd slick and wiff of diesel. The combined falling tide and wind direction was taking it out quite quickly. Anna Maria creek itself reeks of fuel and the high springs has taken it up onto the vegetation surrounding.)

The worst of it was earlier on Sunday where a few local boats had a go at Prop washing as it entered the main part of Port Navas Creek.

Yesterday there was a 10 x 10m patch in the passage that rapidly moved out with the tide. The EA intend to be at the site at low tide today to try to contain any more leaking fuel.

At present the advice remains - do not go into the water and please, do not have fires on the shore

Cornwall Council is partnering with Supportmatch Homeshare and Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum to deliver a new scheme in Cornwall.

Supportmatch Homeshare matches householders with homesharers. A householder is an individual or couple with a spare room that would like practical support around the home and companionship. A homesharer is someone who needs affordable accommodation and can provide support and companionship to the householder for an agreed amount of hours per week. This arrangement doesn’t include personal care.

Get in touch if:

  • You, or someone you know, have a spare room and want to learn more about the Homeshare Service. This could be your parents, a friend, a client, anyone that you know that needs support to maintain their independence or have a friendly companion at home. You can be a part of the discussion.
  • Or you know of someone in desperate need of affordable accommodation.

Contact or ring 0203 633 6066 for more information. Or download the Homeshare case study providing an example of how the scheme works. You don’t have to sign up to anything, just get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Find out more about Supportmatch Homeshare here.



Time2Move Holiday Programme  -  - registrations open on Monday 27th June.

The Time2Move Holiday Programme is open to ALL young people and are FREE for those aged 5* to 16 on benefits related Free School Meals.

Activities will be delivered by Active Cornwall and partners to ensure all children in Cornwall eligible for Free Schools Meals will be offered activity during the three main school holidays or Easter, Summer and Christmas.

Children eligible for Free School Meals can access the activities free of charge. Simply search for your unique code by clicking the link below and enter it whenever you want to book a session. 

Remember EVERY child also receives a free meal when attending a Time2Move Holiday Programme club. 





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