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We're going to take the big step of removing the dedicated CORONAVIRUS page from our website - we're being positive about restrictions getting lifted!  

Limited information will now be posted on this page about the 'virus and changes that will affect our parish specifically.

Vote for the Children's Sailing Trust!

We need your help! Please vote for Children’s Sailing Trust at this link here – you can vote every 24 hours.

We’re finalists in the Building Futures competition from Persimmon Homes to win £100,000. It’s an incredible amount of money and would ensure we can continue our life-affirming watersports opportunities for Cornwall’s young people, something that costs us over £160,000 per year to run. 

No matter if a child is sporty or has never worn a wetsuit before, is living with autism or has a physical disability, we‘re determined to give all equal chances to enjoy watersports. This money would help us continue with our affordable and accessible sailing sessions for hundreds of local children each year.

So whilst brushing your teeth. After feeding the dog. As the kettle is boiling. Whenever you choose to vote each day, make it your #CSTTime and please ping us your vote every 24 hours. Thank you so mucH!

From Monday 16 August, people who are double jabbed or aged under 18 will no longer be legally required to self-isolate if they are identified as a close contact of a positive COVID-19 case. 

As double-jabbed people identified as close contacts are still at risk of being infected, people are advised to consider other precautions such as wearing a face covering in enclosed spaces, and limit contact with other people, especially with anyone who is clinically extremely vulnerable. They will not be required to self-isolate while they wait for the results of the PCR test.

Meanwhile anyone who develops COVID-19 symptoms should self-isolate and get a PCR test, and remain in isolation until the result comes back.

So, there's a new version of the Countryside Code leaflet been produced to help try to protect everyone using our outdoor spaces.  Most of the parish's footpaths are signposted and have colours arrows showing designations - if in doubt please assume the footpath is for walkers only.  We're also asking people to keep an eye on their dogs - not only in relation to livestock but also as a lot of our footpaths are on steep slopes or cliff edges and we have had a spate of callouts to The Coastguard and Rescues Services to retrieve dogs who have fallen.

Countryside Code 2021 File Uploaded: 10 May 2021 203 KB