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Out & about

Carwinion Playing Field remains open for individuals to use for exercise - though it is a bit soggy underfoot. 

However we ask that you try to keep to social distancing regulations and keep 2m apart from anyone outside of your household. We also ask that you keep groups to a max of 6 individuals wherever possible.

Please don't undertake any activity that may look like something others can join in, with, even if you are in a household bubble.  We want to avoid social groups forming.

The carpark at Carwinion Field can be used for parking if using the surrounding footpath network but we ask that you understand the Trust hold no responsibility for damages, accidents or loss if vehicles are left.  Please park responsibly and try to avoid disruption to existing users such as the pre-school.

The road down to Durgan is regularly becoming a carpark at weekends, so a new sign reminding drivers that this road is used by large farm vehicles has gone up.  We also need to remember that there are residents who need this road for access so it needs to be passable.

Nansidwell Corner is also becoming an issue, with cars parking to access Bream Cove and reducing free movement of cars in both directions.  If there is no room there is some parking space round the corner at the Carwinion Field that can be used, rather than filling the road here.

Can we ask everyone to park responsibly wherever you decide to take time outdoors during this lockdown and remember that there needs to be enough space for any emergency vehicles to get through at a minimum  - a fire engine will not stop to consider your wing mirrors or paintwork when answering a call.

If you have to drive to you preferred area of exercise please park considerately and stick to the 'stay local' rules whenever possible.