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Parish Council information

Lockdown 3 & the Parish Council

The Parish Council will once again try to keep the flow of information going using the parish and community websites, so please check these regularly for information. or

Mawnan Parish Council will continue to function although the offices remain closed to the public.  The clerk will be working from home but is still in contact via normal channels – email or leave a phone message on 01326 251022, which she will return.  There will of course be delays in this system but we hope that they will be minor.  If you need urgent help please make contact with one of the Parish Councillors directly – their details re on the PC website or to the left of this notice.


All Parish meetings will continue to take place online via Zoom, or live streamed to the parish’s Facebook page.  Full details of how to join these meetings are on the agenda section of the Parish Council website –


If you need some help yourself and cannot find anyone in the village Volunteer Cornwall have a matching service.  contact 01872 266988 or email  If you feel that you could spare some time to volunteer to help others they have a series of support groups – walking buddies, shopping help, phone befriending – so check on their website for full info

If you know of an ongoing breach, feel someone or something happening in the village is unsafe or goes against the current restrictions please report this to the dedicated Enforcement team- email will assess the report and pass onto the most appropriate service from the police to family care to the volunteer support sector and guarantee a 48 hour to response.

Both Cornwall Volunteers and Cornwall Council have weekly e-newsletters that we strongly suggest you sign up to.  It will get you the latest information and lots of other routes to support during this anxious time.

Please stay safe.

Mawnan Parish Council